Board of Directors

Ken Gilmore
Alabama Power Company

Bob Gardner

Mike Morgan

Jacqueline McClinton
Riviera Utilities

John Kauffman
Verizon Business 

Board Officers

President/Chairman – Mike Morgan

Vice President- Ken Gilmore

Secretary/Treasurer –  Bob Gardner

Board of Directors – Overview and Nominations Process

Alabama 811 has five members on the Board of Directors. The Board consists of one representative appointed by each of the three Principal Members and two representatives elected from the General Members. One General Member Board seat is nominated each year by the General Members to serve a two-year term. A nomination ballot is distributed annually to the administrative contacts for each General Member. A Nomination Committee, made up of the Executive Director, the seated General Member Director, and representatives of the General Membership reviews the nominations, conducts interviews, as applicable, and provides a proposed Board Member recommendation for the Annual Membership Meeting. Per the Alabama 811 By-laws, the Board consists of no less than three and no more than ten directors. No member may be represented by more than one individual on the Board.