Safe digging starts when you contact Alabama 811 either with a direct telephone call, the internet web portal or the mobile application. Per Alabama law, everyone, including homeowners must contact Alabama 811 at least two working days prior to the start of any excavation project – no matter how large or how small – especially if you are using any type of mechanized equipment.

To contact Alabama 811 you can simply dial 811 from anywhere in Alabama. If you are calling outside of Alabama you can reach us on our toll free number 800-292-8525. You can also use our Web Portal or download our mobile application available at Apple or Google.

Key things to remember:

  • Alabama 811 is the one call notification center for Alabama. We do not locate the lines directly but notify the potentially affected member utilities in the area of your excavation site to come out and mark their lines.
  • Alabama’s law requires that all underground facility owners becomes members of Alabama 811 by January 1, 2022. Only the members of Alabama 811 will come out and mark their facilities when using Alabama 811. Non-members must be contacted directly. However, they are still required to mark their facilities within the 2 working days.
  • Member companies will mark the facilities that they own and operate. For most water and sewer lines they will mark along the right of way and up to the meter. Any lines past the meter are considered to be private and belong to the property owner.
  • Member companies will mark using the APWA Color Code noting which type of underground facility exists.
  • If you need to dig within 18 inches either side of the utility markings, you will need to use non-mechanized equipment, dig carefully and spot the facilities.

See the excavation manual for more detailed information on Alabama’s law and safe digging practices.