Filing Violation Complaint

Complaint Filing with Attorney General’s Office

Current as of 1/1/18


Refer complaints to the Consumer Interest Division of the Attorney General’s Office

(Potential contacts: Kayla Currie or Tina Hammonds)

The following information should be provided for each complaint:

  1. Contact information of the person making the complaint;
  2. Contact information of the violator/contractor that cause the damage or violated a provision of the Underground Damage Prevention law;
  3. Damage/violation location and date of damage/violation;
  4. Brief description of how the violation occurred and any facility or equipment that was damaged;
  5. Cost incurred due to damage/violation;
  6. What measures were taken to repair the damage, if occurred, and by whom where these measures taken; and
  7. Specific sections of the Underground Damage Prevention law that they allege were violated.


Contact Information:



Online complaint form: