Member Utilities

How Call 811 Works


Alabama 811 is a communication network established to provide a toll free telephone number for excavators, contractors, utility companies and the general public to call as required in Alabama Act 94-487 to request a location to be marked for underground lines. The members who join Alabama 811 to receive notice of these future excavations fund and direct the operations of Alabama 811.

Membership in Alabama 811 is obtained by the following:

  • Completing a Membership Application
  • Executing two copies of the legal contract utilized by the Center. This requires a certificate of insurance or proof that the prospective member is self-insured for up to the amount outlined in the insurance requirements (contracts will be sent after Membership Application is received)
  • Indicating the service area
  • Establishing communications with the Center

Memberships costs are based on the number of locate requests the company receives annually and any applicable communication costs.

In order to determine which members should be notified on each locate request, Alabama 811 needs the following information to establish a service area for each member company:

  • GIS data representing a service area or the location of facilities when current GIS data is available
  • Service area or location of facilities highlighted on a map if current GIS data is unavailable.

Once information has been received, Alabama 811 will transform and import into our GIS database. A member receives notification for an excavation site if the site location “conflicts” with their designated service area.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Safety – reduces the risk of accidents from dig-ins and increases awareness of excavation activities
  • Service – prevents the interruption of utility services
  • Savings – reduces the risk of damages to underground facilities; saves times for the excavator in streamlining the notification process; and allows member companies to be more cost efficient by sharing the cost of 811 services and freeing up employees for other responsibilities.
  • Customer Service – Alabama 811 Call Center Agents have an initial extensive training as well as continual training during the year. The Call Center Agents understand the importance of obtaining the required information and ensuring the accuracy of all locate requests.
  • Liability – all locate requests are voice recorded and computer as well as voice recordings of locate requests are maintained for a four year period.
  • Reliability – Alabama 811 has power back up as well as other business continuity initiatives in place to eliminate equipment down time. Alabama 811 has working agreements with power and telecommunication companies to minimize loss of service and quick recovery response.
  • Technology – access to free ticket management system through KorWeb


Download Membership Kit or for additional information contact Gavin Doss at 205.731.3200.